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Swiss mobile payment solution TWINT receives green light from the Competition Commission and can therefore be developed according to plan.

The joint mobile payment system TWINT by the Swiss banks and SIX has received the green light from the Competition Commission. The new TWINT AG takes on its operational activities and can negotiate immediately conditions and agreements with its partners in trade and banks.

The merge of the individually systems TWINT and Paymit can thus be carried out as planned. Until November, the functionalities of the new joint offer under the name TWINT will be merged. From mid-January, users of TWINT and Paymit will be migrated to the new TWINT.

Q & A


Why are Paymit and TWINT being merged?

When will the merged solution be rolled out?

What will the new payment solution be called?

Q & A

For private individuals

How will end users benefit from the merger of the two payment systems?

Will the new solution still be free of charge for end users?

Do consumers need to do anything?

Should consumers wait until autumn?

Q & A

For companies

Who will benefit from the merger of Paymit and TWINT?

How will merchants benefit from the merger of the two payment systems?

Do merchants need to do anything?

Is there any guarantee for the investments I have made in Paymit?

Should merchants new to the scheme wait until autumn?